String at Tennis Ace

At Tennis Ace, we understand the importance of having a racquet strung properly and accurately. The Pros at Tennis Ace will personalize your stringing to ensure you are performing at your best on the court.

Our pros will also help you determine how often you should have your racquet restrung. The more you play, the more you should have your racquet strung. We can help you get on the perfect stringing maintenance plan. Come visit with one of our Pros today!

Tennis Ace offers a vast selection of string for your racquet. We have synthetic gut, natural gut, polyester and hybrid to name a few. The Pros at Tennis Ace are here to guide you in choosing the perfect string  and tension for your specific game style. Tennis Ace has several color options to choose from perfect for teams, doubles or to express your personal style.

Maintenance Plan

One of the most important aspects of playing at your best is having the right string for your playing style and maintaining the string on your racquet. Choosing a perfect racquet is important, but having the correct string is just as, if not more important. We recommend re-stringing your racquet a certain number of times depending on your level of play and always before your strings break. This will help keep your racquet in good shape, help to reduce injuries and soreness and will keep you playing at your best.

Tennis Ace offers several different Maintenance Programs at a discount. We offer personalized analysis of your individual needs . Call today for a free analysis and more information!

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